Track tasks with your team

Send teammates a simple link to review all the work you scheduled, and track accountability with our 1-to-1 ticketing platform. Improve productivity with the #1 app for retail operations. 

Lydul Service Desk - schedule work seamlessly

Walk your site and create inspection reports

Select assignees from your contacts, or among other Lydul users you are connected to.

Lydul Dashboard - Construction project & Punch Lists

Streamline your retail operations ...

Document even the slightest details of the work done, all in the same place. No need to send heavy PDFs, scroll SMS feeds or browse emails anymore. For more information about Service Desks, visit our dedicated webpage. 

... and just create service requests on the go

Quickly and precisely define the scope of work, and let Lydul send SMS, email, and mobile reminders every step of the way.

Service Desk for construction & maintenance
Lydul Service Desk - schedule work seamlessly

Free for all your collaborators, forever!

Lydul is free to use and will always be! Pro users can enable SMS and email notifications, customize all documents, and more.

Is a coworker not on Lydul yet?

No problem! Just have them subscribe to SMS and email notifications in 3 easy steps: 

Contractor & construction manager search by phone or name

You send your unique link

Or look them up by phone # or name if they already use Lydul.

Ticketing Platform Online Access

They authenticate in 1 click

Authenticate with an email and phone number to receive progress notifications.

Lydul notifications - construction and maintenance updates

All done!

Once they accepted your invite, start assigning work, and they'll receive notifications.

Are you ready to save 1h+ every day?