Manage daily tasks with Lydul

Build simple to-do lists with your team throughout the day, and get a clear picture of where everyone stands, at any time. Effortlessly manage daily tasks for construction and maintenance of any building.

Lydul Dashboard - Construction project & Punch Lists

Get Lydul, get results

Coordinate work across teams so everyone gets clarity – and gets stuff done. Nothing falls through the cracks with the unique Lydul service request platform.

Add your team to any projects and punch lists

If you have not created a Lydul punch list yet, visit our dedicated web page on how to do so, or just create one below:

Share punch lists, estimates, and invoices

Assign specific tasks to any third party

Share sections of tasks separately, so every stakeholder only gets the info they need, and nothing more.

Review their workload and progress

No need to scroll SMS feeds or browse emails anymore. All tasks in Lydul get summarized in 1-on-1 service desks. For more information, visit our dedicated web pages. 

Lydul Service Desk - schedule work seamlessly
Estimates - Invoices - Bid package

Track detailed invoices

Mark service requests and tasks as completed to download a detailed invoice and summary of work. Save 1h every day with Lydul. 

Free for all your Collaborators, Forever!

Lydul is free to use and will always be! Pro users can enable SMS and email notifications when working with their clients.

Lydul Service Desk - schedule work seamlessly

Is a Coworker not on Lydul yet?

No problem! Just have them subscribe to SMS and email notifications in 3 easy steps: 

Contractor & construction manager search by phone or name

Send your Unique Link

Or look for your coworker by phone # or name if they already use Lydul.

Ticketing Platform Online Access

Subscribe to Notifications

Authenticate with an email and phone number to receive progress notifications.

Service Desk Analytics and Ticketing platform assignee

All done!

Once subscribed, start assigning work, and track progress all in the same place.

Are you ready to save 1h+ every day?