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Lydul makes it simple to create bids, schedule jobs, manage crews, and track timesheets.

Lydul schedule and crew management
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What is Lydul?

How it Works

Lydul simplifies your daily operations with focused chat groups.

Schedule jobs simply

Create and update jobs quickly and efficiently. Whether on the phone with a new client, or postponing some work, get everyone updated in real time.  


Onboard your crews with a QR code

Your crews already know how to use Lydul. If you can read and send SMS, then you can use Lydul.

Track time

Clock in and out with a tap, so you know what job was done, who did it, and how long it took to complete.

Add tasks directly in the chat

Capture photos as tasks in seconds as you walk your site, add comments quickly, and track time and costs within each tasks. 

Check in seconds where your company stands

Lydul provides a clear view of your employee schedules as well as the costs and times they log.

timesheet review in lydul

Integrate with other apps

Join our beta program to integrate all your data with services such as Procore, QuickBooks, and more. Reach out to us for specific requests.

Lydul is free for your clients and crews.

You read that correctly, Lydul is FREE for all collaborator accounts. To unlock premium features and customizations, simply upgrade to a Pro account.

Who Uses Lydul

Each Job Gets Easier

  • Owners see the day-to-day details of company projects at all stages
  • Contractors capture all project details and can easily share with sub’s
  • Project Managers gain clarity and stay organized across multiple jobs
  • Crew Members get the full details and photos they need to wrap up tasks
  • Sales Teams develop estimates and invoices from start to finish
  • Clients see unprecedented transparancy and communication


All About Lydul

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